Angie’s List Customer

    It went great. While his workers were weeding, edging and mulching, he helped me choose an ornamental peach tree in a nearby garden center. He has loads of patience while I hem and haw over what I want. Andy has always been very professional and helpful. The only negative I can find is that he sometimes does not come when we have scheduled a meeting. This is often because another job has run over. What I have found is if I have patience waiting for him, he gives me 200% so I feel it is worth the wait.

Description of work:

    I have used this company since 2006. This time Andy and his workers weeded, edged, and mulched the beds in both the front and backyards, planted a weeping peach tree, removed 2 dead taxus bushes, trimmed my holly bushes and my maple trees.

    HARDSCAPING AND PAVERS: The first time I worked with this company they constructed a covered patio in my backyard. Cutting Edge contracted the work out to two other companies, but I worked with Cutting Edge. The first company constructed the roof and columns.Their first design was great but they noticed that the other homes with patios around me had steeped roofs, so they redesigned mine to fit into the neighborhood. I really liked that. The patio was constructed by a second company that laid brick pavers over concrete. Again, I was talked out of a more expensive basket weave brick pattern into a running bond. It came in on price and is the talk of the block. Everyone comes to look at it.

    I think the covered patio is constructed better than my house.